Periodontics in Eagan, MN

Now Care Dental offers affordable periodontal (gum) disease treatment

Our experienced periodontal dentists know how to identify and treat periodontitis—a gum infection caused by a buildup of bacteria that breaks down the bones surrounding your teeth. By thoroughly brushing and flossing each day, getting regular dental cleanings, and eating nutritious foods you can prevent the need for gum disease therapy. But when you need emergency periodontitis treatment, you can turn to Now Care Dental for skilled and gentle care.

Do you need periodontal disease treatment?

If you notice your gums are swollen, tender and bright red or purplish in color, you may have periodontitis. Other symptoms include bad breath, loose teeth and new spaces between your teeth. According to the Mayo Clinic, the sooner you seek periodontal treatments the better in order to prevent tooth loss, increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

We provide periodontal maintenance

There are a number of ways to treat periodontitis. At Now Care Dental, you can schedule an appointment with a periodontal dentist who can perform non-surgical procedures to thoroughly clean out the bacteria causing your gum disease‐including scaling (removing tartar from your teeth and beneath the gums) and root planing (smoothing the roots to prevent bacteria buildup).

By catching and treating your periodontitis early on, you can avoid the need for periodontal surgery.

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Periodontal treatment available 7 days a week

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