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Called on a Saturday night at 9:30pm for my boyfriend who was having severe tooth pain. They answered right away and scheduled him to get in at 8am the next day! They were up front and gave us pricing when we scheduled the appointment so we knew everything right away. I couldn't believe that they were so accommodating. They were also very accommodating once we got there and kept me updated throughout his entire process. I would definitely recommend!!


I'm from Minnetonka, but on Saturday July 3rd, I needed an emergency root canal. I was so thankful that Now Care Dental was open and able to get me in. They were very professional, caring and comforting in a time of need. If I lived closer, I would make them my permanent dental clinic. I would recommend them to everyone; emergency care or ongoing care.


I was beginning to have sudden pain in one of my wisdom teeth. I called, and Dr. Geller got me in right away. He walked me thru possibilities of what to do, and he scheduled me right away to pull out all four wisdom teeth. I thought it was going to be a nightmare, but the staff was so nice and comforting you just knew you were with the right people for such a big surgery. Went in the following week when it best fit MY schedule, and was an easy appointment. Dr. Geller knows his stuff, and you can ask him just about anything. (Ask him to reveal his bass fishing secrets.) Again, clean office, great staff, Dr. knows what he's doing…easy choice. I have already recommended family to his practice, and they have had nothing but good things to say about Dr. Geller and his staff. Great job, Dr. G!


I broke my tooth off last friday afternoon and was in the worst pain of my life.My dentists office was closed for the weekend and couldn't see me till monday at 10:50am. No way!!!! I called Now Care Dental and they said to come right over. For a couple hundred they pulled what was left of the tooth and told me what I can do to fill the space. Today (friday) I go back for a post op visit and have my new dentist Dr Geller start my bridge. His caring staff and office are very professional and available to me 7 days a week.


My visit to Now Care Dental could not have been better!! I have a HUGE fear of the dentist and therefore had not been to one in 7 years. I did not get lectured and they were extremely understanding and patient with me. Dr. Geller is a skilled professional and his staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable. I appreciate the late afternoon hours that made it convenient for me and I did not have to take time off work. My attitude towards dental care has definitely changed for the better and I am happy to be a part of the Now Care Dental family.


Compassionate Care! My visit at now care dental was great! I got a convenient appointment within a couple of days and got no lectures about not visiting the dentist in 2 years. They even let my young kids be with me during my visit. I would definitely make my next appointment with Dr. Geller and the wonderful staff at Now Care Dental!!

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× One of the best parts of our job is hearing back from the many patients we have helped over the years. Our office sincerely values all of the feedback we receive so if you've had an experience at Now Care Dental and you'd like to share, please visit our Google+ page to leave a review.

This is a wonderful place with great hours and staff. I don't understand some of the negative reviews on here. They are flexible and friendly. Do yourself and that toothache a favor and visit Now Care Dental!

Great visit...they got rid of my tooth pain on New Years Day!

Easy scheduling, great staff, wonderful result! Will definitely use services again in the future.

Great people very friendly and helpful..think I found my new dentist..:)

I had the worst tooth pain in my life on the weekend. They were so nice and helpful I got in within 24 hours of calling! The place looked so nice and I got a gift! Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I felt so comfortable.

When my original dentist office told me that it would be two days before I would be able to get in for an appointment I stopped in to see what I could do. To my surprise I was able to get in right away. After seeing the dentist I was amazed at how much he cared about my situation. Not only did he give me an option to save my tooth, but also a way to save on my wallet:) This experience for the first time ever had me LOVING THE DENTIST! DR. GELLER AND HIS ASSOCIATES WILL NOW BE THE ONLY DENTIST I WILL EVER GO BACK TO!

I have always feared the dentist when i was younger. This location has completely changed that. They are very fast with appointments. Everyone I've worked with has been beyond what i ever would expect. Incredibly friendly. I've had a Root Canal, wisdom teeth removal and filling repair at Now Care and ALL of those went very well. I've been told Root Canal's are VERY painful but i only experienced a very mild discomfort only for a very short period of time during the procedure. They made a root canal feel like nothing. I would recommend Now Care Dental to anyone and everyone.

I've been phobic of visiting the dentist since I was young, which left me without care for my teeth. Over the past couple years, I'd broken 2 severely, one down to the root. I was in such agonizing pain, I felt no other recourse but to seek help.

Enter Dr. Hai and Dr. Geller. Both of these gentlemen have been instrumental in helping me overcome my fears. When I first came into the clinic, I was writhing in pain, but it was nothing compared to what I was feeling inside. The level of dread I was feeling was crippling. When they called my name, I felt nauseous. Dr. Hai could tell what I was feeling and removed any tools from the room that were making me feel worse. He told me I wouldn't have to have anything done tonight, that they just wanted x-rays to see how bad the damage was. I consented and they wrote up a repair plan. They also gave me something to help me with my anxiety and the pain until I came back. NO ONE was willing to help me like that before. No one went out of their way to try and make me feel comfortable.

Between my first visit and my appointment for a root canal, core and temporary crown, I felt nervous about what I was doing, so I called the office several times. They were more than gracious enough to alleviate my fears and make sure I was prepared for when the day came.

When the day finally did come, I went into the office and was helped by Dr. Geller. He's extremely skilled at what he does. He was able to complete my root canal, install the core and place the temporary crown without me feeling a thing, and keeping me calm the entire time. He was always conscious of my emotional state, and was careful not to have any of the tools he was using enter into my field of vision.

When it was all completed, I was finally, for the first time in years, out of pain. The feeling that washed over me was so strong that I almost felt like crying. I was finally able to eat without feeling stabbing pains throughout my whole mouth, finally able to drink something cold without fear of pins and needles shooting through my jaw.

After the procedure, I had more questions about the temporary crown I had placed, and again, they were willing to take time out of their schedule to answer anything I needed.

When the time came around for the permanent crown, I found myself without fear or anxiety. I was able to walk into the office and get the procedure done without any need for special treatment, thanks to the confidence given back to me by the wonderful people that helped me. I don't think I'll ever be able to thank them enough.

I needed immediate dental assistance on a Sunday morning. It was one of the only places open over the weekend, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to go there! Not only did Dr. Geller do a terrific job fixing my severely chipped tooth, but his assistants were extremely friendly and followed up after my visit. They truly care about the patients' well being and satisfaction. I highly recommend Now Care Dental to all!

Called to make an appointment on a sunday morning and was in the office an hour and a half later. Great service. I had a Root Canal done on one of my Molars and would have to say it was the LEAST painful procedure I have ever experienced from a Dentist. My pain level went from an 8 to a 0 within 45 minutes of arriving at the office. Very satisfied and highly recommended.

I have been coming to Dr. Geller for the past couple years and will continue to do so. He is honestly the best at what he does and to top it off, he has an emergency 24/7 line in the case some unexpected tooth emergency arises.

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× One of the best parts of our job is hearing back from the many patients we have helped over the years. Our office sincerely values all of the feedback we receive so if you've had an experience at Now Care Dental and you'd like to share, please visit our Facebook page to leave a review.

Glenn Lizama (11/5/2015)

Many moons ago I needed a tooth extracted and they took me in within the hour. Haven't gone anywhere else since then. They go beyond my expectations each time I go in...

Great experience! Love the staff & doctors. My son and I were in and out in an hour! Our family has a new dentist!!

Tammi K Sylte (6/27/2015)

Such a great option for everyone, wonderful staff... They truly get it! I recommend this clinic for any needs you have, especially in an emergency any of the 7 days in the week!!!

Mahlory Landsteiner (6/23/2015)

I've absolutely hated going to the dentist since I was little, but these friendly people make it so much easier. Don't quote me on this but I might just like going to the dentist now.

Mike Singer (1/17/2015)

I have to say this was one of the best if not the best experience I have had with a dental office. Elaine has the best customer service skills I have seen in a long time. Dr. Geller was great and got me out very fast. I love the fact that I had a crown fall out on Friday evening and back in place by Sat. at Noon. Thanks Much and I will be back.

Joshua Wayne Sampson (12/15/2014)

These guys deserve humanitarian awards. I'd been terrified for years of the dentist, but thanks to Dr. Gellar, I can walk in singing, and walk out the same way. Totally painless, totally awesome!

Emily Hart (9/10/2014)

Haven't been to a dentist since I was young and I'm deathly afraid of the dentist! Tonight I needed emergency work done and the staff made me feel comfortable, they were nice, and explained everything before going thru With it!

Michelle Grimes Gary (6/12/2013)

Love now care dental. Same day dental care!!! You are a lifesaver!!

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× One of the best parts of our job is hearing back from the many patients we have helped over the years. Our office sincerely values all of the feedback we receive so if you've had an experience at Now Care Dental and you'd like to share, please visit our Yelp page to leave a review.

Kendra L. (7/24/2015)

Was in so much pain and regular dentist wasn't able to isolate the tooth causing the problem. The place my dentist referred me to was over a week wait to get in. I couldn't wait that long. Dr. Scott A. Schmidt and the dental assistant were great. I wish I remembered her name...she was great. I was a bit nervous to go someplace new with out a person reference but glad I did. Would recommend to others.

Mike H. (4/21/2015)

had a crown done was perfect , Scott was fantastic great dentist would recommend him to anyone. Will be going back to get some more dental work done

John H. (6/26/2014)

I am a heart patient and have moved to Minnesota for the care that can be provided here. I will not comment on those issues, but I would like to give a complete endorsement for the doctors and staff at Now Care Dental. A tooth had become infected and like any foolish man, I waited until it was an emergency situation. The people, especially one young Dr. Hei (really that's his name) were able to immediately take care of the issue within the budgetary restraints of a beat up retired teacher from Arkansas. I want to thank them for their compassion and considerations. Go see them. They are great.

Nancie W. (3/25/2012)

I was visiting a friend in Eagan, when my temporary front crown fell off during breakfast, ON A SATURDAY!! Plus, I had a 10:00am meeting. We "googled" - found NOW Care Dental - called about 9:30 am and the gal said to come right away and they would fix it. The 2 young women who worked on my temp crown seemed very efficient and knowledgeable. They were so accomodating and also very personable, with good advice on what to do if it happened again. I was out by 10:15 am. and when I went to pay for services they said "not sure how to code this or charge so it is FREE"!! I was flabergasted!! After this experience I would go there again if I was in the area. (and be glad to pay, of course!) They have Saturday hours - so great - especially foir emergencies !

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