Braces Repair

Braces Repair in Eagan, MN

Facing a braces emergency? We fix broken braces

Are you or your child dealing with broken braces, loose brackets or long wires? Are you experiencing pain or discomfort because of it? Then you may be facing a braces emergency.

Orthodontic offices often have long wait times or no same-day appointment options. Do not lose hope, however. Fix your braces and avoid the long waits by calling our emergency dental team at Now Care Dental. We offer same-day braces repair services for patients in Eagan and throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Please do not attempt to fix your broken braces by yourself!

Call us for emergency fixing of a broken braces bracket

Braces brackets break on occasion. Common causes of a broken bracket include eating hard candy or other hard foods like apples, chewing on a pen or pencil, or suffering a mouth injury. Sometimes brackets come loose and fall off due to issues with the adhesive, or cement, that the orthodontist uses to attach the bracket to the tooth surface.

Did one of your braces brackets just fall out of your mouth? Put your bracket in a small sandwich bag and then call us. We offer same-day emergency bracket re-cementing services—all you need to do is bring your bracket with you to our office. We will clean your tooth, apply new cement and adhere the bracket back to your tooth.

If your braces bracket has shattered or if the bracket cement has lost its sticking power, call our office immediately. You can reach us directly at 651-686-6800. We will talk with you about whether you require emergency care for your broken braces bracket or if you can wait until your next scheduled appointment.

Is your braces wire poking into your cheeks?

A common complaint amongst braces wearers is the trouble with long wires poking or cutting into their cheeks and causing mouth, tongue and lip sores. Broken wires or especially sharp braces brackets can also dig into your cheeks, leading to pain at any movement of your tongue or mouth. Does this sound all too familiar to you? If yes, you should know that you need not live with these issues.

At Now Care Dental, we can clip or file down long wires, replace broken braces wires and repair bent braces wires. If your braces wire popped out of a bracket or your braces wire broke altogether, call us immediately to see about scheduling a same-day appointment at our office.

There are also several steps you can take to cure your mouth of its sores and prevent sores from erupting in the future. First, start rinsing your mouth with a saltwater mix. Use an oral treatment salve such as Orabase® on your open sores. Taken together, these two treatments should clear up existing sores. To prevent future sores caused by long wires, run your finger along all four back brackets to feel for any long wires before you leave your orthodontist’s office. And make sure you have any braces wire problems addressed as soon as possible by your orthodontist or by one of our doctors.

Is your wire or braces bracket loose?

A loose braces bracket may not seem like a big deal, but it can become one quickly. Do not run the risk of breaking or losing the bracket. Call on our Eagan dental team to help with protecting that bracket until you can get in to see your regular orthodontist.

A loose wire often means the wire is not situated within one of the brackets properly. Run your finger along all of your brackets to see if one of the bracket doors is open. If it is, slide the wire back into place and use the tip of your finger to close the bracket. If you find that the bracket door is sticky or you just cannot get it to move on your own, call our office. Fixing braces is one of our same-day appointment specialties.

What's the cost to repair my braces?

We offer affordable braces repair services to our clients. In general, repairs for any part of or your broken braces start at $90. To discuss the fees for your specific braces emergency, please call us. We will discuss your situation and may be able to give you a generalized quote over the phone. Often, however, we need to see the full extent of the emergency before knowing what the actual braces repair cost will be in your situation.

Call Now Care Dental in a braces emergency

While you can temporarily address or fix many braces problems at home and then wait until your next scheduled orthodontic appointment, some cases do require emergency care. To determine if you require immediate assistance, call our Eagan dental office at (651) 686-6800 or request a broken braces appointment online. Our clinic hours run from 10am to 8pm daily, and we answer our phones 24 hours a day.

Call (651) 686-6800 to schedule an appointment or complete our appointment request form.