Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic Injury Treatment in Eagan, MN

Face, jaw and teeth

Dislocated jaw. Facial laceration. Knock-out teeth. These are all traumatic oral and maxillofacial (jaw and face) injuries that can occur as a result of car crashes and falls to sporting or on-the-job accidents. When you need emergency care, you can turn to Now Care Dental's highly trained, skilled dentists—365 days a year.

Types of maxillofacial injuries

The goal of our restorative dentists is to repair your face, jaw and teeth injuries—while minimizing scarring and other effects to your appearance. That’s why we evaluate your unique case and provide repair options that yield the best function and cosmetic results for you. We specialize in treating the three main types of maxillofacial trauma:

Soft tissue injuries

We fix oral (gums) and facial lacerations (cuts) with sutures. We also inspect and treat facial nerves, salivary glands and ducts.

Bone injuiries

Bone breaks such as jaw fractures (plus cheek, nose or eye socket injuries) need to be stabilized—from wiring the jaw together to surgically placing small plates and screws. Treatment options vary, depending on the location and severity of your injuries.

Teeth/dental injuries

Have a knocked-out tooth? Put it in salt water or milk and get to an emergency dentist right away. The sooner we can re-plant the tooth, the better chance of survival. We can also do root canal therapy and dental implants.

Maxillofacial trauma treatment—when you need us

When you have a fractured jaw or other maxillofacial injury, we understand it can be painful and emotional. Our emergency dentists know how to diagnose, manage and treat your facial trauma—and can provide immediate treatment at several local hospitals and emergency rooms. You can also rely on them for long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation services at our convenient Twin Cities clinic.

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