Infection Control

Keeping Our Office Safe For You!

At Now Care Dental, we take sterilization and infection control seriously.

Today we meet—and exceed—the infection control standards set by the American Dental Association and Center for Disease Control.


Every dental tool and instrument is thoroughly sterilized, and our autoclave unit (steam-sterilizer) is regularly monitored and tested to verify its complete effectiveness. All team members wear masks and gloves when treating patients, and we always clean our hands and put on a new pair of gloves for each patient.


After an appointment, areas such as countertops, dental chairs, and X-ray machines are disinfected with EPA-approved chemicals. It takes about 15 minutes to completely breakdown a treatment room and prepare for the next patient, so we appreciate your understanding if there is any unexpected delay. It's all about the health and well-being of our patients!

For friendly, professional dental care in a safe and sterile environment, visit Now Care Dental!

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